Audi 80/Avant (B4)

since 1991-1995 release

Repair and operation of the car

Audi 80/Avant
+ Technical specification
+ Engines
+ System of production of the fulfilled gases
+ Cooling system
+ Fuel tank and fuel pump
+ Air filter and airintaking channels
+ System of injection
+ Coupling
+ Transmission and transmission
- Suspension bracket and steering
   Control of a condition of a casing of the steering mechanism
   Check of dustproof covers and side play of tips of cross steering drafts
   Check of dustproof covers of hinges of a forward suspension bracket
   Check of a side play of a steering
   Check of a maple or poliklinovy belt
   Check of level of working liquid
   Check of a side play of the bearing of a nave of a wheel
   List of malfunctions
   Adjustment of corners of installation of wheels
   Measurement of adjustment of corners of installation of wheels
   List of malfunctions
   Repair of a running gear and steering
   Repair of a forward suspension bracket
   Repair of a back suspension bracket
   Repair of a steering
   List of malfunctions
   Adjustment of the steering mechanism
   Filling with liquid and pumping of a hydraulic system of the power steering
   Safety cushion
   Requirements of safety measures
+ Brake system
+ Anti-blocking system of brakes
+ Wheels and tires
+ Body electrical system
+ System of ignition
+ Lighting
+ Signalling devices
+ Devices and auxiliary devices
+ Heating and ventilation
+ body Elements
+ Search of malfunctions
+ Specifications

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Adjustment of the steering mechanism

The side play in the steering mechanism can be eliminated by regulation, in that case if wear of a gear lath of a wheel is still small.

At the left: the arrow designates the adjusting bolt of the steering mechanism located is quite hidden. On an illustration he is visible between the amplifier of brake force (1) and a back wall of a motor compartment (2).

On the right: the pump of a high pressure (shooter) of the amplifier of the steering mechanism is installed in the 4-cylinder engine below at the left at the engine.


  1. To establish wheels in direct situation.
  2. To ask the assistant to twist slightly a steering wheel from average situation in one and other party – knocking or jingle is heard.
  3. At this time slowly and carefully to turn an adjusting bolt (an illustration at the left) clockwise (to twist) until the crash is not gone.
  4. To carry out a trial trip: the steering in any situation should not be tyazhelokhodny and furthermore to jam. Otherwise surely replace the steering mechanism.