Audi 80/Avant (B4)

since 1991-1995 release

Repair and operation of the car

Audi 80/Avant
+ Technical specification
+ Engines
+ System of production of the fulfilled gases
+ Cooling system
+ Fuel tank and fuel pump
+ Air filter and airintaking channels
+ System of injection
+ Coupling
+ Transmission and transmission
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Brake system
+ Anti-blocking system of brakes
+ Wheels and tires
+ Body electrical system
- System of ignition
   Various systems of ignition
   Principle of work of ignition
   Executive body
   "Brain" of system
   Impulses for the control unit
   Regulation on a detonation
   Security measures during the work with system of ignition
   Repair of system of ignition
   Diagnostics of system of ignition
   Ignition distributor
   Sensor of detonation combustion
   Elements of a high voltage
   Replacement of spark plugs
   Spark plugs
   Check of the moment of ignition
+ Lighting
+ Signalling devices
+ Devices and auxiliary devices
+ Heating and ventilation
+ body Elements
+ Search of malfunctions
+ Specifications

Check of the moment of ignition

The ignition moment, actually, in electronically the operated systems of ignition of Audi 80 cannot get off. But nevertheless the workshop within the test of the mode of idling and the test for toxicity of the fulfilled gases controls including ignition installation. For this purpose it is necessary to interrogate memory of the store of malfunctions first of all. Then the control unit of system of ignition has to be given to the main installation. It also becomes the device for reading of memory of the store of malfunctions.

There is no sense independently to correct ignition installation if before it the store of malfunctions was not interrogated. As our control units are self-training, they can carry out necessary specification of installation of ignition, for example, if there is no signal of one of sensors. Before to change something in ignition installation, it is necessary to be sure that installation of ignition was not spoiled by any failure in system.
The aforesaid is applicable to so-called main adjustment by the device of reading of memory of the store of malfunctions of V.A.G. 1551. Until the control unit was not given to the main installation, the correct adjustments cannot be carried out. For this reason it is necessary to address in Audi workshop. There will carry out control on the indicators given below.

Adjusting data

The table shows one test and one established ignition adjustment indicators that it is necessary to understand as follows: at express control are guided by the bigger admission of a test indicator. If adjustment anyway is required, it has to be made thoroughly, is whenever possible approximate to the established indicator.

2,0 l / 66 kW
2,0 l / 85 kW
2,3 l / 98 kW
2,6 l / 110 kW
2,8 l / 128 kW
Test indicator
4 — 8 ° to VMT
4 — 8 ° to VMT
13 — 17 ° to VMT
7 — 27 ° to VMT
The established indicator
6 ±1 ° to VMT
6 ±1 ° to VMT
15 ±1 ° to VMT

* there are no data

 Help: the switch of a signal of idling and the sensor of detonation combustion influence the moment of ignition of the car with the corresponding equipment. The faulty sensor of detonation combustion can be distinguished on that the ignition moment after short-term pressing a pedal of an accelerator is late at least on 10 °.